Do You Really Have To Be Compliant With The Law? Part II

Though the introduction of the Affordable Care Act law has been confusing, misleading, rocky and beneficial to many people; it is our responsibility as consumers to take advantage and learn these new guidelines when purchasing health insurance. My previous articles on healthcare reform will also enlighten you as you search for answers pertaining to health insurance.

We can still purchase insurance from carriers willing to sell non complaint health plans. Once the heavy-hitters (insurance carriers) figure this out for themselves; I recommend carriers go back to underwriting and lowering premiums for consumers who are willing to go through underwriting to possibly pay lower premiums and have the freedom they once enjoyed with being able to choose their own providers' in PPO type networks. Of course carriers would need to have reasonable negotiable rates to attract providers to join their network.

Consumers will be able to purchase as they do right now directly off exchange-(directly from carriers) or on exchange (ACA) compliant if they need financial assistance from the government to help pay for coverage. Although there is much confusion with this law; the reality is you as an individual can still purchase the kind of insurance you want. People who are healthy and can get through the underwriting process should obtained coverage just like the good ole days. This may help lower premiums depending on how carriers mastermind their new product lines once they realize it's still about making money and finding solutions to help lower cost; without making consumers suffer financially.

Two essential health benefits that most consumers do not need are Maternity and Pediatric dental coverage's. Although it's important for children to have dental insurance it should not be the responsibility of the American taxpayer to pay for dental insurance as part of their health plan, especially when this one particular benefit is not needed for someone purchasing coverage. The same with someone who is incapable of producing off-springs, there should be no reason why anyone who cannot have children or who have pass the stage of child-bearing to have maternity or newborn coverage on their health insurance as well. These two health benefits in most non-complaint plans will eliminate coverage you would not need or even want.

Why pay for benefits you will never use? There are millions of people who have insurance and can afford to absorb the tax penalty. The conformity and new guidelines are a necessity for people who were once unable to get insurance. Be encouraged as you navigate your way through the different learning curves with these new guidelines for purchasing insurance.

The purpose of this article is to help educate you and encourage yourself to get some health insurance, along with other type of coverage's, such as but not limited to: accident, annuities, critical illness, life, and indemnity products to help protect your income and assets when some mishap happens in your life. The financial hit will be minimum because you will have insurance in place to soften the blow. In the analogy of a boxer; you have to bob and weave, run, jab, grab, throw a fake punch, a counter punch; a hook to the body and head, and then knock out the opponent with the right life and health insurance products.

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Start a Hobby Business for Your Retirement Fund

Change you attitude and change your life. Do you believe you can do most of what you want if you seriously set your mind to it, and believe you can do it. Begin by thinking of little things you have achieved in your life. Did you find a way of buying the children the things they wanted for Christmas, or the holiday you dreamed of, or finding the car you set your heart on. Perhaps you were desperately wanting to lose weight for the wedding, or find a job when you needed it or many other examples. You have probably achieved many things without realizing you have concentrated your thinking.

So you can achieve most things if your desire is strong enough and you set out a plan to achieve it, stick to the plan and visualize your life having achieved it. Forget the doubts see only positive results. Prioritize and set the wheels in motion. There are many books on goal setting.

Besides practical measures learn to change your mindset from doubt to confidence, dwell on the things you want not the bad outcomes that might happen.

How did Henry Ford build his motor empire? He built it by believing without doubt and not giving up despite what others thought or said. It was his priority and remember what he achieved. Now your goals might not be so dramatic, but they could be equally important to you.

Make some bold plans and see what you can achieve, you could surprise yourself.

First you must decide what you want, what is important to you, and what is your secret dream. What have you buried so deeply you have to dig deeply to find it

Now if you are beginning to believe... what if you really could? What hobbies would you like to take up, where would you like to visit or live or retire to? What career path would you like to follow, are you satisfied with your current work?

Have you ever considered starting an online business part-time, to build for your future? It could be a cash-cow for you retirement; something to give you an ongoing interest and an exciting retirement. Work doesn't seem like work when you enjoy what you are doing.

There are many hobbies you could build into a part-time hobby business. If you type: "Start a hobby business for your retirement" into Google you will find over 4 million people doing just the same.

Here are some books to start you thinking:

"Awaken the Giant Within" by Anthony Robbins.

"Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers.

"From Newbie to millionaire by Christine Clayfield.

Finding Niches made Easy" by Christine Clayfield.

"building an online Cash Cow "by Anthony Barlow.

Which Guide "Buying Property Abroad"

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Maybe Supreme Court Justices Need to Be Elected

We have seen the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, go to the Supreme Court twice in three years. Both time Supreme Court Justice John Roberts rewrote the law, rather than interpret the law. A Supreme Court Justice promises to stand by the Constitution and strict adherence to the law.

In 2012, when the ACA first went to the high court, it was said that the Government could not fine you if you did not buy insurance. The law had a fine in the law for those who did not purchase insurance. In the United States we were never forced to buy anything before. Congress does have the power to Tax. Had the law been written as a tax it probably never would have passed. Justice Roberts conveniently said this is a tax so the law stands. Again he rewrites the law rather than interpret the law. I think he swore under oath not to create ambiguity.

Last month, it was Roberts again rewriting the law. This time the key phrase was in regards the Advanced Premium Tax Credit or subsidy as it is called. The law said subsidies could be granted through exchanges established by the state. It was phrased this way a half a dozen times in the law and it was confirmed on video by architect of the law Jonathan Gruber, who basically said the states would be stupid not to accept the money from the federal government to establish an exchange. If they do not establish an exchange, their citizens will be paying for the law, but not reaping the benefits of the law. Except guess what, the States did not take the bait. Thirty four states did not set up exchanges. So the IRS decided to allow subsidies under the Federal exchanges. This was put into question, and again it was Roberts who said, when the law was written the phrase "established by the state" must mean any exchange federal or state. Again a supreme court justice is not supposed to guess or assume what he or she thinks they meant. Their job is to be rule what the law legally says. If a guy is driving 80 miles an hour in 55 MPH zone can we use the argument they meant to make that zone an 80 MPH zone. Even thought we have seen the sign for 55 six times in the last six miles, it must have meant 80.

The Supreme Court Justices are appointed by the President of the United States, and it is a lifetime appointment. Roberts was appointed by George W Bush. I am not saying they should play party politics or politics at all. They should however, uphold the law. If they had term limits you would see a different action by many of the judges, and if they were elected even different actions. If our Justices are going to start rewriting laws that were already written by elected officials, maybe they need to be elected too. Maybe it is a term limit that is required. Maybe it can stay the way it is, but please, please uphold the law!

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In What Way You Can Lead Your Dream Life?

We all aspire to lead our dream life, but only a few of us attain our vision. The reason being is most of us are of the wrong notion that the dream life which we aspire, is beyond our reach and hence we do not make an attempt.

This article deals with the methods in which we can attain and lead our dream life.

Set a deadline
The foremost thing that you need to do is you have to accept that each dream has a deadline. You should not spend all your time daydreaming. You should start working on your dream now. That way you will have less to regret later. You may come across people who have wasted a majority of their precious time in daydreaming and later regret. So do not be like those people, you have to keep moving towards your dream.

A task in progress
The second aspect which you must acknowledge is that your vision is a task in progress which can alter. For instance, if your present dream is to attain a degree in business management and become a successful entrepreneur, it may alter over a period of time. Do not worry about the transformation, things change for a reason, do not get stuck in one path. You never know what doors might open.

Do not hesitate to toil, and be honest
The third aspect which you must follow is to get prepared to work hard. The world has a method of listening to an individual who works studiously to attain what they aspire to. However, at times even the hardest worker will not be to achieve what he desires for and that needs a modification in strategy.

Do not indulge in any unethical activities' so as to beat your competitors. You will feel guilty and regret when you have attained your goals. You will not be able to enjoy your success, if you get involved in any immoral activities.

At the end of the day remember dream can and will change and this is not a bad thing. Life will always throw you curve balls no matter how hard you plan. Also remember to be thankful for what you have now as there are many people who do not have what you might have. Helping others will always bring rewards, sometimes in unexpected ways.

Remember what you think you want will always change once you get it!

Don't Think Outside The Box, There Is No Box

How can two such seemingly opposing views actually be thought to be true?

Some will argue hocus pocus, others will argue that it does work.

Let's put this in to perspective with something from recent social media.

Was it a Blue or Purple dress?

Guess what? It is what YOU decide it is. If you believe that the dress was purple, no amount of talking or arguing or opposing views will change your mind!

How does this pertain to the power of thought?

Let us take it a step further.

What are the first thoughts that cross your mind upon awakening every morning?

Your dreams? Your goals? The current problems in your life?

What I'm about to say is not based on some mythical, magical belief structure. Far from it. I believe it to be science!

Your thoughts direct your emotions, which in turn direct your attitude and YOUR reality.

What exactly does this mean?

If the only thoughts that enter your mind from the moment you wake up in the morning are doubts, troubles and woes - your behaviour will reflect that attitude.

The solution, at least for me?

Catch those thoughts as soon as they enter your mind and banish them! To another universe, to another reality or wherever! Just don't let them reside within YOUR life and reality.

Follow up the banishment by filling your mind with the positive ideals that you wish to attain in your life. Be they money, power, everlasting peace or a simple life.

A lot of articles have been written about the Power of Thought.

A lot of articles have been written debunking the Power of Thought.

Guess What? They're both correct.

These thoughts, if powerful enough and truly believed will be at the forefront of your mind and thinking which in turn will switch your attitude in that direction. This will have the effect of creating an environment around you that will definitely ATTRACT others with the same attitude and beliefs.

This is when the 'magic' / 'science' kicks in. How can great ideas and positive outcomes not happen when you are surrounded by like-minded people all aiming and striving for the same or similar outcomes?

You, and you alone are responsible for the greatness and well-being of your own life.

Your thoughts are just that - YOURS. Yours alone.

No one has the power to change YOUR thoughts and attitude unless YOU GIVE IT TO THEM.

Take that power back. Take that responsibility back.

Let it start - now.

It begins with YOU.

It begins and ends with YOUR THOUGHTS.

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Important On Page Techniques to Boost Your Online Business

On page optimization is an integral part of web development. It is an important process in order to improve the ranking & visibility of the website. If the optimization of the website is not performed, then it will not be able to fetch the business.

SEO is basically the search engine optimization. It is basically the optimization of the website so that it can get to the top of the searches. There are several factors that are responsible for the promotion of the website. The SEO is usually done to optimize these factors so that your website ranks in the top of the searches.

Which Is More Important ON Page or Off Page
This is definitely the most pertinent question related to the website development. The answer is simple. The on page is certainly more important than off page. The reason is the on page comes first & is performed during the website development. The off page can only be performed after on page optimization. The on page directly deals with the users as well as the algorithm of search engines like Google.

Important On Page Tips
Discussed below are some of the important on page SEO tips that one should keep in mind while doing this. These will results in the better promotion of the website on the search engines.

Content Comes First
As per the latest update of the Google search algorithm popularly known as Google Panda, the website containing plagiarized content should now be severely penalized. Gone of the days when duplicate content does the promotion. Now unique content is required in order to promote the business on the top of the searches. In the on page, it is checked whether the content is unique or not. Apart from this, keyword richness is also checked.

Page Titles, Description & Formatting
The page titles & description is an essential part of on page optimization. The page titles help the user as well as the search engines to understand the nature of the web page. The description is also an important aspect as it helps in giving visitors the short description about the content.

As the research paper has the special format so does the web page & website. The topic heading, the subheadings & other things should be given in the HTML tag format so that these can easily get promoted on the search engines.

URL Structure
The URL structure is also an important factor for web promotion. It has to be written in an SEO friendly manner so that it can keep the focused keyword in order to get promoted on the search engine.

The Google search engine algorithm also considers the authorship of the content while promoting the website Nowadays, if you provide information about the author on the blog, then it will definitely help a lot in promoting your business.

These are some of the on page techniques that help a lot in promoting your website. If these techniques are implemented properly, then these will certainly help in boosting your online business.

Health Insurance - Keep You And Your Bank Account Healthy

Nothing can be more important than maintaining a good health. Nowadays, people are getting more cautious about their health owing to the changing trends of their lifestyle. Like every sphere of life, there are chances of uncertainty in health as well. You can get sick anytime or can be attacked by some major illness and can even meet an accident. Whatever the case may be, once you come across either of these events the cost of hospital fees could lessen your savings to an extent or can even put you to the phase of bankruptcy. This is where health insurance comes into picture.

Buying an health insurance may cost you a lot, however not having it at all can cost you even more. Medical bills incurred from major illness or accidents can ruin you financially. Having a proper insurance for yourself or for your family can help you pay for surgeries, regular medical check ups and even emergency treatments.

Types of Health Insurance

Generally, there are two types of health insurance plans. One is the indemnity plan and the other is managed care plan.

1. Indemnity Plan - It offers wider freedom and flexibility. However, it does not pay for the entire charges. This kind of plan only covers accidents and illness whereas preventive care including flu and birth control are not covered by it. Moreover, the coverage of prescription drugs and psychotherapy costs will depend entirely on the policy and the company.

2. Managed Care Plan - Under this plan, you can avail services of a limited number of hospitals and laboratories, who have contracts with the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). This plan covers both preventive care as well as mental health treatment.

Advantages of Health Insurance

A comprehensive health insurance not only works as a complete coverage package for your health, but also offers many other benefits to you. A few among them have been listed below:

1. Low Deductibles - This benefits you as the insurer in lots of ways and reduces the expenses to be paid for by you.

2. Dental Insurance - Having a good dental insurance can help you to pay most of your regular checkups and cleanings and also a portion of other dental works such as fillings and crowns. This will help you in saving a significant amount of your money.

3. Mental Health Evaluations And Treatment - Counseling, diagnosis and mental health medications are also covered by health insurance thereby saving a lot of your money.

4. Large Pool of Physicians In Network - Health insurance policy offers you the freedom of choosing the best doctor from a long list of physicians. So you can enjoy the quality care and benefits of having the same doctor every time.

5. Regular Eye Screenings - By grabbing this benefit, you can detect various eye-issues such as Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Cataracts at an early stage. If these issues are found at their beginning stage, it can be treated much more easily treated. This will help you to improve or at least preserve your eyesight.

Sahil Doshi is a prolific writer from New Delhi, has been contributing his reviews,experiences and guidelines related to general insurance policies. In this articles he has focused over the types and advantages of health insurance policy.